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How to increase Alexa rank

How to increase Alexa rank

In this post, you can implement how to increase Alexa rank easily and without money.

If you want to increase your Alexa rank, do these tricks :

1. Install Alexa Widget
I think this is the important trick to increase your Alexa rank. With the widget, Alexa will track all the visitor who visit your website although they not use Alexa toolbar on their browser. You can download the Alexa rank widget script here.

2. Install Alexa Toolbar on your browser
This trick is very good, but you only can use it easily if you use personal computer. By using Alexa toolbar and visit your homepage, it will be useful to increase your Alexa rank.

3. Make a post of Alexa
This point is very effective to increase your Alexa rank. But if you think Alexa will watch your blog post, it is not. But, the blogger have a very high interest of knowing new tips of  how to increase Alexa rank will. So, a post about Alexa can increase your Alexa rank. because the blog post can get visitor from search engine

4. Increase your blog visitor
This is the most important factor to increase your Alexa rank. More visitor, your Alexa rank is better. Remember, Alexa establish Alexa rank according to your visitor.

If you successfully do it well, most likely Alexa rank your website or blog will increase rapidly. Good luck.

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